Welcome to the website of Henk Muis

On this site you will find information about my activities and projects carried out in my environmental consultancy P/m, in local politics or elsewhere. With the buttons on the left you can access the different subjects.

What is there to find?

Of course something about my office: P/m Consultants for products and environment. Some facts about my work in the city politics of Wijk bij Duurstede, in which I am actively involved since 1998. And some details of my personal life.

Take a look at three special projects: the Green Map, where places, persons and activities, that contribute to a sustainable society, are mapped. "Schipperen rond Wijk" is a publication about the bargemen, barges and waterways of Wijk bij Duurstede. And on the occasion of 700 years of city rights of Wijk we organised a Nautical Month in 2000.

Have fun!

modified 10 October 2011

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